Help: test-alert

The "test-alert" command:

Usage: fossil test-alert EVENTID ...

Generate the text of an email alert for all of the EVENTIDs listed on the command-line. Or if no events are listed on the command line, generate text for all events named in the pending_alert table. The text of the email alerts appears on standard output.

This command is intended for testing and debugging Fossil itself, for example when enhancing the email alert system or fixing bugs in the email alert system. If you are not making changes to the Fossil source code, this command is probably not useful to you.

EVENTIDs are text. The first character is 'c', 'f', 't', or 'w' for check-in, forum, ticket, or wiki. The remaining text is a integer that references the EVENT.OBJID value for the event. Run /timeline?showid to see these OBJID values.


Generate digest alert text
Assume all events are pending moderator approval