Help: push

The "push" command:

Usage: fossil push ?URL? ?options?

Push all sharable changes from the local repository to a remote repository. Sharable changes include public check-ins, edits to wiki pages, tickets, tech-notes, and forum posts. Use --private to also push private branches. Use the "configuration push" command to push website configuration details.

If URL is not specified, then the URL from the most recent clone, push, pull, remote, or sync command is used. See "fossil help clone" for details on the URL formats.


Push to all remotes, not just the default
-B|--httpauth USER:PASS
Credentials for the simple HTTP auth protocol, if required by the remote website
Use only IPv4, not IPv6
Do not compress HTTP traffic
Do not remember URL for subsequent syncs
--proxy PROXY
Use the specified HTTP proxy
Push private branches too
-R|--repository REPO
Local repository to push from
--ssl-identity FILE
Local SSL credentials, if requested by remote
--ssh-command SSH
Use SSH as the "ssh" command
--transport-command CMD
Use external command CMD to communicate with the server
Additional (debugging) output
Exchange extra information with the remote to ensure no content is overlooked

See also: clone, config, pull, remote, sync