JSON API: /dir

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Directory Listing

Status: implemented 20120316

Required privileges: "o". Was "h" prior to 20120720, but the HTML version of /dir changed permissions and this API was modified to match it.

Request: /json/dir


Response payload example:

 "name":"/", /* dir name */
  "name": "ajax", /* file name/dir name fragment */
  "isDir": true, /* only set for directories */
  /* The following properties are ONLY set if
   the 'checkin' parameter is provided.
  "uuid": "..." /*only for files, not dirs*/,
  "size": number,
  "timestamp": number

The checkin property is only set if the request includes it. The entry-specific uuid and size properties (e.g. entries[0].uuid) are only set if the checkin request property is set and they refer to the latest version of that file for the given checkin. The isDir property is only set on directory entries.

This command does not recurse into subdirectories, though it "should be" simple enough to add the option to do so.